After an embarrassingly long period of inactivity I can now report that, come the end of the year, I shall find myself with significantly more time on my hands. Mixed blessings. Anyway, as a prelude to what I hope will become ever more regular entries on this site, tomorrow sees a return to London, dinner in one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Kensington, followed by an evening with Paul Simon at the Royal Albert Hall.

All I need is for Trump to lose by the mother of all landslides and my day will be complete.

I'm sure that if I got into the routine of writing 500 or 1000 words a day it would be something that stuck as much as the endorphin release after a run. Once I've found a voice and some specifics to focus my thoughts around we might both get more than we bargained for.

I will let you know what the music's like tomorrow evening; that is, at least, a start.