Paul Simon and Trump's hair

...oh yes, the music? Paul Simon is a brilliant crafter of songs and he and his talented band played amazing, poly-rhythmic songs for over 2 hours. His voice is as good as always and the multi-instrumentalist playing alongside him were just awesome. Sound of Silence and 'Bridge' are tackled differently without the support of Art Garfunkel's angelic voice, but he knows how to sing both songs in a way that will stay with me for a long time to come.

And then there is The Donald.

Words still fail me - the ease with which a hammy TV reality-show host; a 5 year-old school bully's brain in a 70 year-old body; a misogynistic, bigoted, thin-skinned narcissistic demagogue could be elected...ELECTED mind be the most powerful person on earth indeed leaves me speechless. He has bad hair too.
I'm sure the columnist in The Atlantic was right in commenting that the media took him literally, but not seriously whilst his supporters took him seriously but not literally. What he'll do whilst in office is anyone's guess - he probably doesn't know himself. But I'm sure that doesn't worry him either, and that may be the scariest of all.

We are moving from an aspirational world towards a transactional one where we deal and make deals with each other. Couple this with an inward-looking, nationalistic, suspicious world-view and many of us throughout the world are in for a painful few years. The division of wealth continues to grow whilst educational and learning opportunities reduce. Our politicians, seemingly, feel more remote than ever.

It's not like me to be pessimistic. I hate feeling so negative about the next few years but even if we're not royally screwed we're certainly in for a bumpy ride.