Environment & Sustainability

Many of these sites offer a daily/weekly environmentally-oriented email newsletter or digest.  Last time that I checked the links they all worked - if you find any that don't then please let me know.  

I have no personal or professional affiliation [other than where indicated] so here goes:

Worldwatch is a US-based non profit public policy research organization dedicated to informing policymakers and the public about emerging global problems and trends and the complex links between the world economy and its environmental support system.  Check out the Research Centre link. Lester R. Brown [ex-Worldwatch] now heads up the Earth Policy Institute, another US not-for-profit institute.  Also make time for a visit to John Elkington's journal - he of SustainAbility and Volans fame, and to Jonathon Porritt's, George Monbiot's and Joel Makower's blogs too.
The Rocky Mountain Institute site is a great resource. Amory Lovins is a man for whom I have an immense amount of time and respect. The Institute of Business Ethics and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) are examples of other portals that you might consider worth looking over.

Some examples of popular news portals containing alerting services include:

Planet Ark

Environment News Service (ENS)

Environmental News Network (ENN)

For information about EU activity [corporate social responsibility/reporting (CSR), sustainability, environment, enlargement etc.], take a look at the EurActive site here (on the left hand frame in the 'Policy Sections' area.)  Ethical Corporation Magazine also contains many useful articles - especially relating to CSR.

Mallen Baker also runs a great site dedicated to CSR.  

WRAP also has no email updating service but loads of business-related information.  

Croner [of the Env. Management - Policy & Procedures fame] portal can be found hereEDIE is also a very popular UK environmental portal.  The Cameron McKenna law firm have a portal that enables you to access their 'Law-Now' legislation updating service - great for background briefs.