Other stuff...

Before links to more of the great and good, a shout out for a few of my favourite haunts:

Romazzino in Alsager serves lovely Italian food at affordable prices - excellent service too.

The Horseshoe in Church Lawton is spacious and has a wide-ranging menu. There are usually a number of specials available and the food is always excellent.

Rozey Balti - their Kashmiri food is the best I've come across and the service is truly excellent.

Onwards and upwards...

Why not start the day with a trip over to read the latest outpouring from James Lilek's 'The Bleat'....I can't always find resonance with his politics but his writing is just the best...

David Hewson publishes detective novels...he photographs things and checks out hardware/software...and he tells me all of the good places to go in Rome, and his website shows how all of this can be orchestrated,coordinated and pixillated

Timothy Garton Ash is always good value

I value Robin Lustig's thoughts and comments, and, fortunately, he writes rather a good blog too

For news:

Gwynne Dyer writes some of the best columns that I've ever read -- check the archives linked by year on the bottom of the page

Robert Fisk writes some majestic prose and is a damn fine hack

The following should provide a good spread of opinion - click on the name to go to the site:

BBC, Torygraph, Indy, Grauniad, Drudge, NYT, Washington Post

Then there's Andrew Brown ... and Fareed Zakaria's articles are very good too.  I just wish that Jon Snow could find time to write more; I've got a lot of time for him. He does tweet though

For more of the political buzz in the blogosphere...

A variety here for your political delectation....mainly US-centric but none the worse for that; tackling and commenting on the big and not-so-big issues 24/7 in a thoughtful and decent manner (but notice the extent to which the incestuous nature of this particular beast can lead to toe-curling mutual backslapping.....or flagellation); wide specrum stuff, all worth a read IMHO [even if sometimes some of them infuriate me]; and in no political batting order; ladies and gentlemen, I offer up for your antagonism: [Unless otherwise indicated, just click on the name to go to the site]


Hugh Hewitt

Daniel Drezner

Our very own Boris Johnson has a cool site....for an ex-Tory MP and an  ex-mayor...and Matthew Parris writes some great stuff (for another ex-Tory MP!). As Matthew is now behind Murdoch's paywall, I'm afraid that you'll have to take my word for it

........left turn...........

Again, unless otherwise indicated, just click on the name to go to the site...

Matthew Yglesias

Juan Cole [thoughtful, informed, detailed coverage and analysis of Middle Eastern stuff; esp. Iraq]

Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo for some solid and well written/linked reporting.

Steve Clemons has occasional articles in his Washington Note

Laura Rosen

Kevin Drum

Daily Kos

My favourite?  Well, that would bruise my apolitical credentials....

For money:

Motley Fool - clean site and a great community

...and last, but not least, Martin Lewis's most excellent MoneySavingExpert.com