Reading & Writing

Reading stuff...

BookCrossing - is a clever idea; see if you can find any of mine.

Shakespeare & Co. have a bookshop, opposite the Notre Dame in Paris, that is just amazing.

Scrivener's in Buxton is an old, traditional family-run bookshop that has many floors filled with enough interesting stuff, old and new, to blow your literary socks off. Whilst you're in that neck of the woods, be sure to pay a visit to the fantastic Hartington cheese shop - but only if you like cheese.

Writing stuff...

The Poynter Institute - great content and inspiration. 

Reporters Without Borders - read about the brave...

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting - read about more of the brave...

The BBC Writersroom

Some advice on technique and construction from Emory University - read and learn.  Another useful site in similar vein is the Online Writing Lab. at Purdue; and also look at the Madison Writing Centre.   Grammar Girl's 'Quick and Dirty Tips' are entertaining and helpful - if time is tight then you can access the podcast on iTunes. Michael Quinion's World Wide Words has some very interesting information on the origins and usage of words - and a great free weekly newsletter every Saturday.

The British Library, The US Library of Congress and Oxford's Bodleian Library are all great resources.

The Society for Editors and Proofreaders

The Society for Technical Communication

The Society of Authors  The Association of British Science Writers  The Association of Internet Researchers   ...and as for manuals of style - Chigaco Manual of Style, the AP Stylebook , APA, MLA and the US Government Printing Office - take your pick.   Good blogs: Some writing/journo/blogging/Web 2.0 blogs that I think worth keeping up with:

Rebecca MacKinnon

Joi Ito

Jeff Jarvis

Then there's Merlin Mann, and also check out his 43 Folderssite - read all about David Allen's 'Getting Things Done' there as well; yep, it's a *system* and, for me anyway, it works. Lots of fun to be had with Arrak anagram generator too.