Some links for learning information and resources...

Good teachers:

Phil Race is inspiring and understands learning, assessment and feedback better than most.  If you get a chance to attend one of his workshops then do so

Sir Ken Robinson is a brilliant educationalist and always worth listening to

Good blogs:

Online Learning Update - Ray Schroeder's timely and well-maintained blog, updated daily with three new articles

Communities of practice (CoP):

SCoPE is also a thriving community

Some background/information sites:

E-Learn Magazine

Guardian newspaper E-learning

Elliott Masie's fast moving and interesting site

Some online journals:

Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

Online Learning

The International Review of Open and Distance Learning  

The Journal of Online Learning and Teaching  

The Internation Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

Journal of Educational Technology and Society

The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education [in English]