Manchester ๐ŸŽถ's been a while. I'll fill in June's stuff over the next week or so. Meantime...

Last week the wonderful Jackson Browne came to town. Well, by town I mean Manchester. A standing ovation when he walked on stage was the prelude to a wonderful evening's music. To me, he seemed a bit weary - he still gave 100% but as this was his last gig on the current tour we can forgive him that. Fantastic, well- crafted songs sung with that distinctive voice, together with brilliant guitar playing by David McCallum's son Val and Greg Leisz made for a memorable evening.



Last night it was back to Old Trafford Cricket Ground for my first Radiohead gig. It was busy! They played to tens of thousands and the atmosphere was intense. You could never say that I'm their most ardent fan although I did recognise some of the songs :). A good time was had by all and a runner at the end to the Metrolink stop one up from the ground to then double back to where we'd left the car was a master stroke. I think we'd still be waiting in the queue to get out of the ground now if we'd exited by the main route.