Abbey Road Studios & One Republic

One Republic are a fine band to see/hear live.

I cashed in some Hilton points in exchange for a visit to Abbey Road studios and an opportunity to listen to them performing there.


The Paddington Hilton was welcoming and provided a drink in the Exec. lounge while waiting, and waiting a bit longer, until they found a room (which, in the end, turned out to be a nice upgrade so a gazillian thanks for that).





Kensington Gardens were lovely on a  sunny afternoon:




...and contained some hungry parakeets:

Then it was time to go back to the hotel and made further use of the free bar and free food whilst the AAA passes were sorted:





Then by coach for the short trip to the studios. I cannot begin to describe the feeling walking into that place. So many of the things that mattered, musically, during my lifetime happened in one of those three studios.

















To see some of the old analogue equipment, stare at the pictures covering the walls & tread on the parquet floor that many famous Rubber Souls have trodden on...





The band this time were just great.





After the coach ride back there was more free booze on offer for the professional party animals - I was happy enough with the 3 month Spotify premium code though.