Nothing has changed - the mantra associated with Theresa May - should no longer be repeated, at least by her, after yesterday’s departure. The next few months promise to be rough on those of us who feel democracy is not best served by allowing our future course to be dictated by swivel-eyed rhetoric from Tory leadership hopefuls as they try to compete in their increasingly fraught race-to-the-Farage end of the party, seeking to appease around 100,000 mainly old white men who have the final say in the run off ballot.

And don’t get me started on Corbyn; just don’t.

In other news I had a lovely trip to Copenhagen in the Spring - here’s Tolboden in the sunshine.


I’ve been to London a few times - look…


I’ve spent time in committees at the Royal Society of Chemistry, including starting work on a review of the Chartered Chemist professional status which will take place over the next 12-18 months.

Here’s an eager audience awaiting one of my gripping talks there:


I’ve walked around Bathpool Park many times, but not many enough to make any serious impression on my gently expanding waistline.


Monthly visits to Rode Hall Farmer’s Market provides the ideal excuse to take a look around the gardens and watch the seasons changing.


It’s pouring with rain today but there have been a few sunny mornings to enjoy:

coffee & dates

The annual visit to the laburnum arch at Bodnant Garden never disappoints:


It also provides the perfect excuse to spend some time in Conwy - a town that has vivid memories of all the days I spent there as a child when on holiday in nearby Llandudno with my mum and dad.

conwy suspension bridge