Holding on and letting go


There comes a time in life when the struggle against the odds becomes so exhausting, so disheartening, so overwhelming, that even the bravest and most determined take time to draw breath and consider their options.

They do that privately and they reshape their thoughts and emotions in a way that accepts the new reality. They may not discuss it, but they know what they're doing...and they know you know too.

These formidable and brave souls don't give up, but they acknowledge in their own way and in their own time, with due consideration and regard for their loved ones, that it's time for a rethink. Their approach to life and their tone changes. They become conciliatory and accepting. They give a hat-tip to the inevitable.

My dear old mum, Billie, was one such brave soul. Yesterday she died. 

Robyn, Mark and I will miss her character, her humour and her sheer presence in our lives more than I can say in words. So I shall not try.

Cheers to you, my wonderful Billie Skerratt. Rest well and call that drinks trolley over whenever you feel like it. You've earned a glass or two over the years keeping an eye on your errant son, so you just get them to send me the tab.

I'll take it from here.