Backfill #1

I’ve been to London a few times - once to an office with a great view

That’s my view of Brexit, right there ————>>


Another time, I took in an Edvard Munch exhibition at the British Museum This guy took a bit of finding…but there he was:

Then a short visit to Copenhagen.

The metro trains are driverless so I always fight viciously with all the little kids waiting on the platform at the airport stop so that I can get the front seat.

We went to see/hear a concert at the Royal Arena. My first visit there - and what a delightful venue to grace such a wonderful concert.

Mark Knopfler getting up under those coloured lights to do his thing..

We enjoyed a little wine and took a walk in the park.

I’d be back in Denmark for the Jazz Festival within two weeks, to see my friends Otto and Bent, but before that it was back home and up to London again for an important day in the City reflecting on the importance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the role that industry has in ensuring that we deliver them. The expression on my face might suggest it wasn’t such a good day, but it truly was.