Tomorrow is a day set aside for marking exam papers...or as much of the day during which I can remain focused on poor handwriting and repetition. You can tell I'm looking forward to this, can't you? :))

But the sun is shining and I get to try out my new super-expensive spade for hole digging and plant planting.

By way of catch up, after the Lake District there was a day in London at a Royal Society of Chemistry Environmental Chemistry Group meeting and then, at the end of the week, another morning spent with the Nantwich Museum Research Group. There's a summer exhibition about the River Weaver that flows through the town and its influence on the place over the centuries. Nantwich is a pretty market town in Cheshire famous, historically, for salt-making, shoe-making, tanning, milling...and cheese.

The town square is dominated by St, Mary's church, built of lovely warm stone that creates some interesting shadows when the sun is in the right direction



There are lots of old black and white timbered buildings dotted about - here's one of the town centre hotels: 


More about the river...


..and the sewage works(!) next time. Bet you can't wait ;)