Whatever happened to...

 ...well, whatever happened to ‘me’ really. I’ve been a mixture of busy and lazy for the last 6 months. No excuses.

The Xmas letter is currently being written and I’ll post it on here later in the month. It’s a short one this year - there’s been a lot of stuff that’s happened but I can’t bring myself to believe that, as time moves on and in the current political climate, you’d be too interested in me recapping each of my pretty sunsets in distant lands.

Much will happen during the next couple of weeks that will dictate our country’s direction of travel for years to come. Whatever happens, it’s likely that we’ll be stuck with our Remainer and Leaver labels for the rest of my life and a bit longer besides.

All very depressing and un-Christmassy...and our politicians continue to play parlour games.

History will not treat most of them kindly.