Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Always good to get over to Denmark for a few days to re-visit old friends and catch up with a few of the gazillions of concerts that take place over the 10 days each summer that is the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

The driverless metro trains from the airport into the city are fast (15 min.), clean and...take a bit of getting used to:

They're not keen on drones near to the barracks by the botanical gardens :)

I was spoilt by my friends:

Copenhagen, on a sunny day, is as beautiful a city as you could wish to visit:

The music was fun and interesting. I'm not musical - never have been...but I have grown to appreciate the magic of musical expression and the way that people who may have only recently met for the first time can produce fantastic sounds and energy together that constitutes way more than merely the sum of their individual talents.

Anoushka Shankar produced a stunning set at the wonderfully designed Koncerthuset. The auditorium, which seats 1800, is constructed entirely of wood and is suspended. This means you have to walk through a contraption like you have between adjacent railway carriages to get into it from the foyer/bar/restaurant areas. It's way more swish than that sentence suggests. If you're ever in CPH go see it.

And go see the Opera House next to the water too. That's amazing. No, really, it is. It's just out of shot on the right hand side of the picture above; the one looking out to sea. That's not very helpful to you is it.

During the festival, it pays never to forget...

Come to think of it, that's worth remembering permanently.

Tivoli Gardens were such an unusual blend of sunshine, families & cool people, lushious plants, rollercoasters, ornamental lakes, cafes, live music, good food and old-school arcades and shops. My first time inside on this visit...