What do you do?

Help you organise, write and deliver European multi-partner projects

    • I can work with you as you write bids and proposals and provide external quality management services once they've been funded. Working for the European Commission, I've evaluated scores of potential EU projects for their ICT KA3 and ICT-PSP Calls and reviewed and reported on the progess of many - with budgets ranging from €0.5M to €5.0M - so I've learned a thing or two about what makes a *good* bid and a *good* project...and what doesn't.
    • I regularly review, critique and assess reports, proposals and funding bids for other clients including the Higher Education Academy, the British Council and DEFRA.
    • I provide validation, editing and quality assurance services to running projects, offering impartial, objective and constructive advice to help the project run more smoothly.


      • I write engaging and accessible articles and reports on a variety of educational, technical and scientific topics for the web, technical journals and magazines - if you think I may be able to help you then give me an idea of the topic you're interested in and I'll let you know if it's something I'll be able to cover.
      • I write e-learning material and web-based training/teaching/learning/assessment content [chemistry, environment-related and sustainability-related].


        • I provide face-to-face training and workshops on eLearning, independent learning, assessment and feedback, enterprise and entrpreneurship in the curriculum, environmental management systems and sustainable business development.
        • I'm starting to do some 'blended' tutoring and mentoring in water technology, basic chemistry and environmental technology - a mixture of occasional face-2-face (if requested) and (mainly) Skype-supported tuition.  If you're interested in joining this experiment then please use the contact form to get in touch.

        I'll add more stuff about each of these topics in due course but, in the interim, please just send me an email if you want more information.

        What can you do for me?

        Any of the above...

        Are you any good?

        So I'm told...

        How do you work?

        By email [mainly] and Skype or phone, with occasional face-2-face meetings to maintain continuity if it's needed and if it's practical.   My rates vary a little according to the nature of the job. For example, I tend to charge less for straightforward editing and proposal reviews than for a project that might involve a lot of interviews or research and travelling.   Before I begin, I normally agree an estimate of the likely price with you, based on an hourly or a whole-project basis, and provide a detailed project description and breakdown based on the time I think it's going to take.  I always hope to get it about right, but I will let you know whether the job is going to take more (or less) time than envisaged.  I won't charge any more unless it's been agreed with you beforehand, in writing, on the basis of a revised and mutually agreed estimate.   My workshop day-rates are standard - irrespective of the workshop duration [in units of 1 day].  If you want me to do 2 different workshops during the day for the same, or for different groups, then that's fine - make the maximum use of me whilst you have me on-site.

        I charge a separate agreed amount for any associated travel costs (and for any subsistence or accommodation costs, but these are not unusually necessary) - all are charged 'at cost'.

        For reports, I think it's good practice to circulate draft material to relevant personnel to ensure that the content is factually accurate. I also understand that people appreciate the opportunity to comment on how key points are presented and will do my best to take those views into account.   Finally, I'll consider any budget constraints that you may be working under, and try my best to come up with a cost effective solution for you.

        Why should I hire you?

        Because I'm sure that I'll cost a fraction of the price you'll pay compared to the big environmental consultancies, training organisations or publishing houses - and what's more, you get a personal service and you know where to find me.

        Is there anything you don't do?

        Nothing with defence industry or tobacco industry clients thanks. 

        Can we discuss it further?

        Please send an email through to glynn (at) skerratt dot com

        If you prefer, you can use Skype.  My user name on Skype is Glynnn [with 3 n's] but please send an IM first before calling.